Animal control solutions for any type of wildlife problem.

Livestock Predation Specialist

Critter Gitter is a professional wildlife control company owned and operated by Perry Reavley. I have over 45 years of hunting and trapping experience as well as an extensive knowledge of Saskatchewan’s vast variety of wildlife. My skills are enhanced by the aid of modern day technologies that assist me in targeting problem animals or birds. I believe that all animals should be treated as humanely as possible and I strive not to harm non-target species.

I provide services for residential, commercial, rural municipalities and resort communities across Saskatchewan.

My services include removal, relocation, exclusion, damage repair and control programs.

Critter Gitter’s reputation of personalized customer service and expertise has a proven record of customer satisfaction.

From bees to bears and everything in between, no job is too big or too small for Critter Gitter.



If you would like your wildlife problem taken care of professionally please call 306 540-3178 for a free estimate.

Registered Predation Specialist